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Building Bridges with Robin: Introduction

Thank you for visiting my blog.

My interest in bridges began at a young age making all sorts of toy constructions. My first real bridge was assembled for the engineering corps in my national service. Then as student designing a suspended bridge for a competition. Now, I design bridges and other infrastructure to make a living. Love it.

Building Bridges, however, is a social enterprise I began after my graduation in engineering. For those who do not know me please excuse the pun. The project is about contributing to the relational infrastructure and development of communities in a multicultural setting.  Through this I saw many people come together to serve others.

My wish for meaningful human connections, the bridges that build up communities has taken me on a fantastic adventure. Through this blog I hope share some of those experiences.


Bio: I am a Dutch/Greek Cypriot married to a Filipino-born Belgian. We live in Antwerp, a beautiful historical city that is growing into a major international city as one of the largest shipping ports in the world. Apart from engineering, I have studied social sciences in a christian context.


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